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Berks Boardgamers holds monthly game nights and the occasional full game day in Hamburg, Pa (North of Reading) plus our yearly Black Friday Game Day in Lebanon. We play all sorts of board games including Euro games, Ameritrash, dexterity games, family games, card games, some abstract, and even some of the older Avalon Hill games. Other types of games are fine but generally not played by this group (such as wargames, CCG's, and RPGs aside from the OCCASIONAL D&D game).

Here are a few games which we've played lately: DC Deck Building Game, Last Will, Castles of Burgundy, King of Tokyo, Thunderstone, Galaxy Trucker, Acquire, Crokinole, London, Lancaster, Vegas Showdown, and many more.

Berks Boardgamers' Game Nights in Hamburg!

Date: 2nd Friday of each month (next:December 13th, 2013)
Time: 7pm-midnight (sometimes later)
Place: Salem-Berne United Methodist Church, 292 Salem Church Rd, Hamburg Pa
Admission: FREE! (though small donations are accepted to cover utilities)
What: Games, games and more games! (If you have any requests just let me know, my www.boardgamegeek.com user Id is jcarvin)
Who: Everyone is invited and welcome; gamers, non-gamers, older kids & adults. Game nights are geared towards adults and teens, though I do bring games for the 10+ age range.

Berks Boardgamers' Black Friday Game Day in Lebanon!

Date: Nov. 29th, 2013
Time: 10am-midnight (most often even later)
Place: See the tab for directions at the top of this page
Admission: FREE! (though small donations are accepted to cover utilities)
What: We play here pretty much what we play at our game nights. I do always start off the morning with a longer game for those interested (suggestions anyone) which has in the past included games such as Roads & Boats, Twilight Imperium III, die Macher, Britannia, Advanced Civ, Sid Meier's Civilization, Titan, and Antiquity. For everyone else it's open gaming all day! Bring games to play or play games that others have brought (but please ask before taking).

Bring a Friend!

Info regarding Berks Boardgamers' Game Days is listed in numerous places on other sites online and in the local paper so that we can find other boardgamers in the area and maybe even bring in some new people. Getting the word out is difficult though, so tell your friends about our Game Day, it's the best way to find more gamers.

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