Rules and Guidelines for 2008

Written by: Jim Carvin

The Commish - Jim Carvin
Co-Commish - Matt Carvin

Draft Day:
Sunday, August 24th, 2008, 3pm

Table of Contents:
1. Summary of Changes for 2008
2. Draft Location
3. Website
4. 2007 Season Recap
5. 2007 Playoff Recap
6. Dates to Remember
7. Keepers and Keeper Limits
8. The Draft
9. Draft Round Order
10. Free Agent Pickups and Trades
11. Games
12. Injured Reserve and Roster Limits
13. League Rankings
14. Playoffs
15. Prizes
16. Fees
17. Message Board
18. Team Ownership
19. Keeper Update
20. Scoring

Questions or comments? Contact me at:


1.1 none


- Chris & John Stensonís Home, 15 Woodside Ave, Levittown, PA 19057, Phone 215-945-7698

Click here for directions

2.1 You are REQUIRED to be at the draft (the "Jeff rule").
2.2 If you can't be at the draft, you must either send someone to draft for you, draft via phone/PC, or relinquish your team.
2.3 No one is allowed to draft for two people, if you send someone to draft for you it must be someone other than the 12 of us. If you canít make it or donít want to play any longer, let me know ASAP so we can find a replacement.
2.4 Exceptions CONSIDERED, however you may never miss more than 1 draft and you must call in on draft day to make your picks if possible.
2.5 Team owners MUST attend 3 consecutive drafts before you can receive considerations for missing one.


3.1 The web site is up and running, same as the past few years. It's great because everything was set up exactly as we left it last year. Rules are the same as we left them, the team names are even the same!

Stop by the website as soon as you get a chance, let me know if there are any changes from last year.

Click here to go to the Official Website

League name: bristol
League password: bristol
Team Name: (you can change it yourself anytime)
Team Password: (if you don't remember what it is, just ask me)

From the home page you'll see:
1. A link to the scoring system
2. A link to last year's league pages (Archived League)
3. The current standing (everyone is now 0-0-0)
4. Upcoming schedule (already ready to go)
5. My comments which you should check every week 6. The Website is maintained and moderated by the Commish. If the Commish is unavailable then the Co-Commish will assume these duties.

4.0 2007 SEASON RECAP (Record & Total Points)

1. Toxic Avengers (Scott)(11-3)(2,325)
2. Yo Mike (Randy)(8-6)(1,797)
3. Plain Disgusting (Jordan)(7-7)(2,147)
4. Jedi Masters (Mike)(5-9)(1,939)

1. O'Liminators (Eric)(11-3)(2,204)
2. Fat Guy (Jed)(7-7)(2,061)
3. Groundskeepers(Will)(5-9)(1,807)
4. Reserving #1 Pick (John)(3-11)(1,354)

1. Anklebiters (Justin)(10-4)(1,990)
2. Matts Bengals (Matt)(9-5)(2,219)
3. Ultimate Warriors (Jim)(4-10)(1,540)
4. CrocoLyle Pathetics(4-10)(1476)


5.1 Championship Playoffs
Round 1:
O'Liminators (Eric) 85.3 vs. Matts Bengals (Matt) 111.2
Toxic Avengers (Scott) 98.4 vs. Anklebiters (Justin) 163.2

5.1.1 Championship Game:
Matts Bengals(Matt) 131.4 vs. Anklebiters(Justin) 121.4

League Winner: Matts Bengals (Matt)!!!

5.2 Toilet Bowl
CrocoLyle Pathetics (Lyle) 102.1 vs. Reserving #1 pick (John) 95.8

5.2.1 Toilet Bowl "Champion": CrocoLyle Pathetics (Lyle)!!!


6.1 December 24th, 2007, Preseason, Weeks 1-2
6.1.1 The preaseason begins immediately following the League Championship Game.
6.1.2 Pickups of free agents are still allowed but there is no more queue. Trading will be allowed once again. Only potential keepers and future draft picks are eligible to be traded. The deadline for pickups and trades is Monday January 7th, 2008, 8pm. Players with expiring contracts will be cut after January 7th, this is your last chance to trade them.

6.1.3 January 8th, 2008 Through July 31, 2008
6.1.4 Off-Season. I will drop any players from your roster who are not eligible keepers for 2008 or whose contract has expired to help you prepare for roster cut-down day. There are no trades or pickups allowed during this time. Enjoy the summer while you can!

6.2 August 1st, 2008
6.2.1 Roster cut-down day. You must have your roster trimmed down to 7 potential keepers.
6.2.2 Trading opens. From August 1th up until August 15th, you may trade potential keepers on your roster and draft picks.

6.3 August 15th, 2008, 3pm
6.3.1 The deadline to finalize your 2 keepers. You may assign a 3rd player as a potential keeper in case one of your 2 keepers gets hurt between then and draft day but it must be an injured reserve type of injury. In that case you could still keep the injured player and move them directly to the IR to get the bonus draft pick for the following year(not the same year).

6.4 August 24th, 2008
6.4.1 Draft Day, 3pm. Chris & John Stenson's Home, 15 Woodside Ave, Levittown, PA 19057, Phone 215-945-7698

6.5 Sept. 4th, 2008, 8pm (Thursday)
6.5.1 Football season kicks off!
6.5.2 Trades must be submitted by Mondays.
6.5.3 Trades are processed anytime.
6.5.4 The free agent queue is processed Thursdays at noon by the online system.

6.6 November 10th, 2008 (Monday night at halftime, week 10)
6.6.1 Trade deadline.

6.7 December 11th, 2008 (Thursday, Week 15)
6.7.1 Round 1 of the playoffs and Toilet Bowl.

6.8 December 18th, 2008 (Thursday, Week 16)
6.8.1 Championship Game begins.

6.9 December 22nd, 2008, Preseason, Weeks 1-2
6.9.1 The preaseason begins immediately following the League Championship Game.
6.9.2 Pickups of free agents are still allowed but there is no more queue. Trading will be allowed once again. Only potential keepers and future draft picks are eligible to be traded. The deadline for pickups and trades is Monday January 5th, 2009, 8pm. Players with expiring contracts will be cut after January 5th, this is your last chance to trade them.

6.10 January 6th, 2009 Through July 31, 2009
6.10.1 Off-Season. I will drop any players from your roster who are not eligible keepers for 2009 or whose contract has expired to help you prepare for roster cut-down day. There are no trades or pickups allowed during this time. Enjoy the summer while you can!


7.1 No player can remain on the same team for more than 3 years!
7.1.1 The player must either be traded in their 3rd year (by the end of the end-of-year trading round in January) or the player will be dropped in the offseason and can reenter via the draft.

7.2 The 1st year starts the same year the player is drafted/picked up so you may actually choose that player as a keeper for 2 consecutive years (i.e.- year 1: draft/pick up, year 2: keeper, year 3: keeper, trade or drop by the end of year 3)

7.3 You may keep one player per position as a keeper, no duplicates positions (i.e.-1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, etc...)

7.4 The maximum number of keepers is 2.

7.5 Any players drafted in the 2007 draft during rounds 5-20 and undrafted players will be eligible keepers for 2008.


8.1 On game day, you will play 9 positions, no more.
- 1 Quarterback
- 2 Running Backs
- 2 Wide Receivers
- 1 Tight End
- 1 Kicker
- 1 Defense
- 1 Utility player (can be a 3rd RB or WR, or 2nd TE)

8.2.1 You are required to fill all of the 9 necessary positions during the draft. (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Defense, 1 kicker, 1 Utility (one additional RB,WR,or TE).
8.2.2 You can't skip drafting a kicker, defense, etc., you must take at least one of each.

8.3 We will have a maximum roster of 18-players. We will draft 18 rounds max but probably less since most people will have at least 1 or more keepers.

8.4 It's a REQUIREMENT that you be at the draft (The "Jeff Rule"). Trades are allowed again starting on August 8th.


9.1 The draft will consist of a maximum of 18 rounds. In actuality it will be less than 18 rounds due to the keepers.

9.2 Draft order is determined by reverse seeding (bottom up) from the last season, except the league winner picks 12th and the runner up 11th from last (same as the NFL).

9.3 Here's the order of selection for 2008:
1. Lyle (Toilet-Bowl Champion 2007)
2. John
3. Jim
4. Scott
5. Will
6. Jordan
7. Jed
8. Randy
9. Mike
10. Eric
11. Justin (League Runner-Up 2007)
12. Matt (League Champion 2007)

9.4 To pick, we serpentine (1-12,12-1,1-12,etc..) through the rounds for the ENTIRE draft (i.e.-the person with the 1st pick in the 1st round will have picks 24,25,48,49,72,73, etc...)


10.1 You can trade as many players as you want or set-up a pick-up and trade deal with someone.
10.2 Trades MUST be submitted to the Commish by email.
10.3 For three days following a trade, owners may submit an objection to any trade via email to the Commish. If there are three objections to a trade (no questions asked), then the trade will be cancelled and reversed.
10.4 We will be using the free agent queue again, the same as every year. You may go into the system and put any available players in your queue only from Tuesday morning through Thurdays at noon(Wednesday night at 8pm if there's a Thursday game). Be sure the players are in the order you wish to take them.
10.5 The queue will be processed on Thursday at noon.
10.6 The waiver queue order is determined by reverse ranking. The bottom team gets first selection.
10.7 After the queue has been processed, you will be able to pick up free agents yourself directly in the system up until that player's game time. There is no waiver priority order during this time.
10.8 You may pick up as many free agents as your roster allows and you may designate players to drop.
10.9 The trade deadline is Monday November 10th, 2008, by the end of half-time of the Monday night game.
10.10 Players (keeper and non-keeper) and draft picks are all that may be traded, no money.
10.11 Draft picks MUST ALWAYS be one-for-one. When trading a player for a draft pick, the owner getting the player ALWAYS gets AT LEAST the current last round pick of the owner getting the draft pick. (i.e.- I trade M.Faulk to Matt for his 4th round pick, if no other draft picks are involved, Matt would automatically get my current last pick in the draft)

11.0 GAMES

11.1 The deadline to update your roster is game time for each particular player. The deadline is different for each player on your roster, depending on what day and time their game starts.

11.2 Even though some players may be locked because their game has started/finished, you may still change the players in your roster who have yet to play.

11.3 Scores are tallied by the online system by Tuesday mornings.

11.4 Home field advantage applies for all games except the Championship Game and the Toilet Bowl.

11.5 Tied games are broken by: 1. Highest reserve player, 2. Highest total reserve


12.1 You are limited to 18 players on your active roster.
Injured players must either: 1. remain on your active roster, 2. be dropped, 3. be moved to PERMANENT injured reserve with commissioner approval.

12.2 A player is eligible for the IR only when they are placed on the Official NFL Injured Reserve list(out for the season).
12.3 Players who are suspended or excused from playing for the year are NOT eligible for the IR, as they are not injured.
12.4 Only place players on the IR after talking with the commissioner. There will be NO SLOTS for IR until someone requests IR. AT THAT TIME I will open up an IR spot for the player. 12.5 DO NOT DROP A PLAYER YOU WANT TO ADD TO INURED RESERVE!

12.6 When a player is added to the injured reserve list, you will receive an extra draft pick in the next draft equal the round the player was drafted + the week they are added to the IR (ie. 3rd round pick placed on IR in week 5 = 8th round pick).
12.7 Undrafted players cannot be added to the IR.
12.8 Keepers are considered equivalent to a 4th round pick.
12.9 Extra picks are awarded to the END of the round and assigned in the order the players are placed on the IR if there are any conflicts (ie. 1st round consulation picks start at #13, 2nd round started after the 12th pick of the 2nd round, etc).

12.10 Injured reserve number is limited to 3
12.11 Active roster limit is 18
12.12 Total roster limit is 18
12.13 Players may NEVER be moved off of IR, even if there's a miracle.
12.14 You may not add healthy players to the IR for any reason.

12.15 IR for the 2008 season:
1. Round 5, Pick#13. Jordan - Deuce McAllister: Drafted in round 2, torn ACL week 3
2. Round 6, Pick#13. Randy - Cadillac Williams: Drafted in Round 2, IR'd in Week 4
3. Round 16, Pick #13. John - Jake Delhomme: Drafted in round 11, IR'd in week 5
4. Round 9, Pick #13. Mike - Matt Leinart: Keeper, counts as round 4, IR's in week 5
5. Round 13, Pick #13. Matt - Cedric Benson: Drafted in Round 1, IR'd in week 12


13.1 Each division is ranked separately. Ranking is determined in the following order:
13.1.1 By the number of wins
13.1.2 By Head-to-Head match-up record
13.1.3 The number of division wins
13.1.4 Each team's total points


14.1 Four teams will advance to the Championship Playoffs and the bottom 2 teams will play in the Toilet Bowl Playoffs.

14.2 Championship Game & Playoffs (Top 4 Teams)
14.2.1 The 1st round is week 15, the Championship Game will be played on week 16.
14.2.2 Home field advantage applies for weeks 15 only.
14.2.3 The winner of each division will advance to the playoffs.
14.2.4 There will be one Wildcard team advancing to the playoffs.
14.2.5 The Wildcard is decided by:
1. Number of wins
2. Head-to-Head Match-up
3. Total Points

14.2.6 The top two teams will have home field advantage, the top two teams are determined by:
1. Number of wins
2. Head-to-Head Match-up
3. Total Points

14.3 Toilet Bowl Playoffs (Bottom 2 Teams)

14.3.1 The Toilet Bowl will be played on week 15.

14.3.2 Home field advantage does not apply.


15.1 Both teams advancing to Championship Game: No dues the following year

15.2 League Champion: Name is engraved on League Trophy but winner pays for this and has this done themselves!!!

15.3 Toilet Bowl winner: 1st selection in the following year's draft

15.4 Losing Playoff Teams and losing Toilet Bowl Teams: no prizes

16.0 FEES

16.1 The cost to run the website in 2008 was $, which I paid on , 2008.
16.2 The cost is split between the 10 teams who did not play in the Championship Game.
16.3 Players in the Championship Game do not pay dues the following year.
16.3.1 So everyone except ? and ? will owe dues totaling: $

16.4 You MUST pay on/before Draft Day.


17.1 Please use the chat room whenever possible to avoid so many messages on the board, it's a real monster to monitor all of it since you guys are so chatty most days. :-)
17.2 There are only a few rules for the message board:
17.2.1 No cursing.
17.2.2 No vulgarity on any kind.
17.2.3 Submit complaints directly to the Commish INCLUDING accusations of cheating.
17.2.4 No SPAM.
17.2.5 Submit trade offers to one another through the Trading Block, chat room, or via email, not on the message board.


18.1 The league will consist of 12 teams with 3 divisions of 4 teams each.
18.2 Team owners are responsible for updating their rosters, injury reserve, active players, avatars, team names, and personal info.
18.3 If a team owner leaves the league, new team owners will be sought out to come into the league.
18.3.1 Finding a new team owner is the responsibility of the Commissioner and the new owner is choosen at his discretion.
18.4 The new owner will take over the previous owner's team, players, draft position, keepers, and all.
18.5 If more than one team needs to be filled then teams will be choosen by lottery.
18.6 Prizes won by former team owner ARE NOT transferred.
18.7 You MUST update your team WEEKLY(the "John Rule").
18.7.1 If you do not update your team after 2 consecutive weeks, you will be warned.
18.7.2 If you do not update your team within one week after the warning, team ownership will be transferred to a NEW TEAM OWNER.
18.8 Four non-consecutive weeks of not updating your team will also result in a warning with a 5th week of no updates resulting in loss of team ownership. So be SURE to check in every week, even if you just say hello on the forum. 18.9 No warnings were given during the 2007 season.


19.1 Keepers can be any player on your roster who were either drafted in rounds 5-20 or were undrafted.
19.2 Any players drafted in Rounds 1-4, regardless of what team that player ends up on, are UNELIGIBLE to be a keeper.

19.3 Here are the list of keepers per team from the 2007 draft:

(the year in () is the first season the team had that player)

Will (Groundkeepers)
- Jerious Norwood(2006) (final year 2008)
- Pittsburgh Defense(2005)(final year 2007)

Jim (Ultimate Warriors)
- Travis Henry (2006) (final year 2008)
- Chicago Defense(2005) (final year 2007)

Jed (Fat Guy in a Little Suit)
- Alex Smith(QB) (2006) (final year 2008)
- Anquan Boldin (2006) (final year 2008)

Randy (Yo Mike Who Let the Dogs Out)
- Vernon Davis(2006) (final year 2008)
- Willie Parker(2005) (final year 2007)

Matt (Matt's Bengals)
- Brian Westbrook(2006) (final year 2008)
- Roy Williams(2005) (final year 2007)

Chris (Good Now I can Put a Name I Want)
- Marion Barber(2005) (final year 2007)
- Drew Brees(2006)(final year 2008)

Jordan (Dirty Beasts)
- Steve Smith(2006) (final year 2008)
- Larry Johnson(2005)(final year 2007)

Justin (Anklebiters)
- Ben Rothlisberger(2005)(final year 2007)
- Todd Heap(2005)(final year 2007)

Scott (Jedi Masters)
- Maurice Jones-Drew(2006)(final year 2008)
- Marques Colston(2006)(final year 2008)

John (Reserving #1 Pick Next Year)
- Lee Evans(2006)(final year 2008)
- Rudi Johnson(2006)(final year 2008)

Lyle (CrocoLyle Pathetics)
- Mark Clayton(2006)(final year 2008)
- Jeremy Shockey (2005)(final year 2007)

Mike (Toxic Avengers)
- Matt Leinart(2006)(final year 2008)
- Willis McGahee (2006 (final year 2008)


20.1 Home field advantage = 1 point

20.2 All players:
-Passing/Rushing/Receiving TDs = 6 points
-Passing yards: 1 point per 20 yards
-Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
-Pass completions: 1 point per 5 completions
-Receptions: 1 point per reception
-Rush carries: 1 point per 5 carries
-Pass interceptions: minus -3 points
-2 point conversion pass/rush/reception: 2 points
-Fumbles: minus -3

20.3 Quarterbacks:
-Passing bonus of 3 for 300+ yards
-Rushing bonus of 3 points for 75+ yards
-Receiving bonus of 3 points for 75+ yards
-Completion percentage: 0-65% = 0 point, 65.1-74.9% = 1 point, 75-79.9% = 2 points, 80-89.9% = 4 points, 90-100% = 8 points (must have over 20 attempts)
-Pass Completion bonus: 3 points for 25+ completions
-Sacks: minus -1

20.4 Running Backs:
-Rushing bonus of 3 points for 150+ yards
-Rushing bonus of 3 points for 30+ carries
-Receiving bonus of 3 points for 75+ yards
-Passing bonus of 3 points for 100+ yards
-Punt Return TD: 6 points
-KO Return TD: 6 points

20.5 Wide Receivers:
-Receiving bonus of 3 points for 100+ yards
-Rushing bonus of 3 points for 75+ yard
-Passing bonus of 3 points for 100+ yards
-Punt Return TD: 6 points
-KO Return TD: 6 points

20.6 Tight Ends:
-Receiving bonus of 3 points for 60+ yards
-Rushing bonus of 3 points for 50+ yard
-Passing bonus of 3 points for 100+ yards
-Punt Return TD: 6 points
-KO Return TD: 6 points

20.7 Kickers:
-Field goals: 1-29yards = 3 points, 30+ = 3 points + 1 point for every five yards thereafter
-Missed FG: -3 points
-PAT made: 1 point
-PAT missed: -1 point
-FG Percentage: 80-100% = 3 points

20.8 Defense Teams:
-Tackles: .1 per tackle (10 tackles = 1 point)
-Assists: .1 per 2 assists (20 assists = 1 point)
-Sacks: 2 point
-Interceptions: 3 points
-Fumble recovery: 3 points
-Safety: 3 points
-Shutout: 10 points
-Blocked punts: 1 points
-Blocked FGS: 3 points
-Blocked PATS: 1 points
-Total yards allowed: 1-75yds= 7 points, 76-150= 5, 151-200yds=2, 201-300yds=0, 301-350yds= minus -2, 351-425yds= minus -5, 426+= minus -7
-Offensive points against (NOT total points): 1-3=7 points, 4-10=5, 11-17= 3, 18-23= 0, 24-30= -3, 31-38= -5, 39+= -7

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